The Directory of
Artisan Clothespin-Makers

Updated: March 2021

These handcrafted clothespins are made to last a lifetime.

There are currently only a few artisan clothespin makers in the United States. Other makers are in the process of developing their manufacturing process, their finished product, and their web presence. New clothespin craftsmen will be added to this directory when their businesses are up and running.

The one thing that each of the American artisans have in common is that they all use the same spring to join their clothespins. The springs are American-made, with tight coils, using heavy-gauge, stainless steel spring-wire. They are, without any doubt, the best quality springs that can possibly be used to make a clothespin.

The matter of springs aside, you should know that the following artisans do not all make the exact same clothespin. They may use different kinds of wood. There may be differences in the profile. And there may be differences in the fit and finished appearance of each craftsman’s clothespins. 

The clothespins of each maker may also feel differently in your hands. Were you to use and compare the different clothespins, you might well find you develop a preference for one artisan’s clothespins over another.

It is with these differences in mind that I recommend you carefully study the descriptions and pictures of the different clothespins at each of the web sites below. I also strongly recommend that, before making a large purchase, you first buy a couple clothespin samples from a few different makers. And here they are....


All American Clothespins
Maker: Albert Crooks & Son
Location: Harrison Township, Michigan


Mefford Endeavors
Maker: Thomas Mefford
Location: Morris, Connecticut


Heritage Clothespins
Maker: Casey Schillinger
Location: Pinehurst, Texas

Maker: David & Daniel Shelton
Location: North Dakota


Classic American Clothespins
Maker: Herrick Kimball
Location: Moravia, New York

The Clothespin Corner
Maker: Taylor Kottwitz & Brandt Lemke
Location: Waukesha, Wisconsin
The Clothespin Corner


Adams Craft
Maker: Gene Adams
Location: Wahoo, Nebraska


Canadian Crafters

Canada Clothespin Company
Maker: Doug Blackwell
Location: Port Alberini, B.C.


If you would like to learn how to make your own clothespins, and perhaps develop a small business as an artisan clothespin maker, check out this web site:

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