Disclainer & Advice
For Purchasing Clothespins

By: Herrick Kimball

Strong. Dependable. Beautiful.

This web site has been developed by Herrick Kimball to promote the craft of making high-quality, traditional-style, fulcrum-spring clothespins, and to promote the products of artisan clothespin makers.

Each clothespin-maker featured in this web site’s directory uses high-quality  “Classic American,” stainless steel clothespin springs, which they have purchased from me.

None of the people or businesses listed in the directory on this web site have paid me a fee to be listed in the directory. They are here because they purchase their clothespin springs from me.

The listing of a clothespin maker in this web site’s directory does not imply a recommendation by me of any clothespin-maker’s clothespins. Nor does it imply a recommendation of any clothespin-maker’s clothespins over another clothespin-maker’s clothespins (i.e., the chronological listing of the directory does not imply a recommendation).

Furthermore, I do not in any way warranty or guarantee your satisfaction with any clothespins that you purchase from someone listed in this web site’s directory. The one exception being the clothespins that I myself make and sell (I am listed in the directory).

I strongly recommend that you purchase two sample clothespins from more than one clothespin maker so you can use them, evaluate them, and make a better-informed larger purchase of the clothespins you like best.

In the event that you purchase artisan clothespins from a maker listed in this web site’s directory, and you are not pleased with your purchase, and you do not receive satisfactory resolution of any problem, feel free to contact me by e-mail to explain the situation. Herrick@PlanetWhizbang.com

As the developer of this web site, I reserve the right to add to and remove from the directory any clothespin-maker, at any time, for any reason.

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